B - Wurf

Unsere Welpen wurden am 08.04.2018 geboren.

Es sind 4 Hündinnen

Die Eltern:

 Multi Champion

Highland Breezes Hugs 'n' Kisses


  geb. am 23.08.2015

VDH/ZBrH BOC 19343

CEA/PRA/KAT/MPP-frei mit 7 Wochen

Frei von allen Augenkrankheiten 2016

Gonioskopie: Glaukom frei

CEA /TNS/CL frei getestet

MDR1 +/+ frei getestet

IGS frei getestet

HD - A1

ED/OCD/Pl - frei


Internationaler Multi Champion

Breaking Waves by the Lake


geb. am 16.11.2013

VDH/ZBrH Met.Border Col. 5/14

CEA/PRA/Kat  frei mit 6 Woche

Frei von allen Augenkrankheiten 2015/2017/2018

Gonioskopie Glaukom frei

CEA/TNS/ CL frei getestet

MDR1  +/+ frei getestet

IGS frei getestet

HD -  A

ED/OCD/Pl - frei



So beschreibt Timea ihren Curtis :-)

Everybody who knows Curtis, just loves him as he has a very balanced and kind character. He also loves everybody, he gets along well with other dogs (males, too), animals and people. He is a very funny boy, he makes me smile only by looking at him! Curtis is very intelligent and eager to learn new things. He has a great will to please and an excellent working ability, what ever I work with him, he always does his best. His favorite activity is sheep herding, he has a strong instinct. He passed his HWT (Herding Working Test) at a very early age of 17 months! He is full of energy and often runs around the fields tirelessly. He is also very successful in the show ring, although it is not his favorite activity, he always does his best for me. Although Curtis has very young offspring, they look outstanding and he passed his qualities and characteristics very well. I am very excited about what future brings, but one thing is for sure, I want to keep a baby out of Curtis one day...

Impressionen - Curtis

Alle Welpen sind genetisch CEA/TNS/CL - IGS - MDR1 - frei


- Puppies from this mating -

Inbreeding: 5%

Black/White: 100%

Rough (long) coat: 100%

CEA/CL/TNS: normal 100%

Pedigree der Welpen 

Litter by Multi Ch Breaking Waves By The Lake [Hun]
out of Multi Ch Highland Breezes Hugs 'n' Kisses [Deu]

Three Generation Pedigree

Aus Nzl Ch Nz Kiwi Murphy Of Clan-Abby [Nzl]
Rough Black & White, born 6 Jun 2003, hips AVA-2/3, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Clan-Abby Nz Tartan Piper [Nzl]
Rough Black & White, born 24 Sep 2010, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0
Clan-Abby Nz Tartan-Tazette [Nzl]
Rough Black & White, born 8 Feb 2007, hips NZVA-3/0, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal
Multi Ch Breaking Waves By The Lake [Hun]
Rough Black & White, born 16 Nov 2013, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal
Int Ch Hun Grand Ch Csovanyospataki Elixir [Hun]
Rough Black & White, born 9 Aug 2003, hips HD-A, CEA normal, TNS normal
4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad Butterfly [Hun]
Rough Black & White, born 28 Jun 2007, hips HD-A, CEA carrier, TNS normal
Hun Junior Ch Flower Of Old Hill Allegory [Hun]
Black & White, born 24 Aug 1999
Puppy from this litter
Aut Junior Ch Deu (VDH) Int Ch Simaro Bruce Darnell (ZBrH 12036) [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 30 Mar 2008, hips HD-A/A, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, CL normal
Aiden Adorable Of My Dreams Come True [Deu]
Black & White, born 3 Dec 2010, hips FCI-A1, elbows 0/0
N Just See My Dream From Borders Paradise (ZBrH 11194) [Deu]
Rough Golden Red & White, born 28 Feb 2007, hips HD-A
Multi Ch Highland Breezes Hugs 'n' Kisses [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 23 Aug 2015, hips FCI-A1, elbows 0/0
Multi Ch Kerrybrent Heart With Soul [Nzl]
Rough Black & White, born 4 Mar 2006, hips HD-A/B, elbows 0/0, TNS normal
Deu Ch Highland Breezes Blazing Flame [Deu]
Rough Black & White, born 9 Apr 2010, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0
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Gawain's Ray Of Light [Dan]
Rough Black & White, born 31 Mar 2008, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0